Visit to Taquile

Lake Titicaca

Visit the peaceful weaving community of Copamaya, and enjoy learning about textile art and rural life while taking in panoramic views of Lake Titicaca.

Understand the lifestyles of typical weavers on this excursion that combines a cultural visit with a brisk hike with no other travelers around. Copamaya is a lush and peaceful community surrounded by a picturesque rocky terrain. Pass diverse landscapes and active indigenous communities as you drive to the weaving hamlet. A light ascent on foot to a rocky mountain takes you to the remains of an Inca Trail, where polished stone seats were finely carved from large rocks. From this looking point you can enjoy a panoramic view of the vast lake. Descend to appreciate the region’s rural way of life when you meet Celedonio and his family. They are the traditional weavers of the community.

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