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Labuan Bajo and Komodo National Park, Komodo and Flores, Indonesia

From $5000 in low season

per person based on a 5 night customized itinerary on a Full board basis (alcohol not included) including diving for experienced divers, non motorized water sports, private guide and fishing.

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  • Simply make your wishes known before your cruise takes place and The Silolona crew will ensure that you have the trip you desire - what more could you wish for

  • This beautiful hand-crafted ship has five Suites with en-suite bathrooms

  • Specify your own menus and enjoy your favorite south Asian specialties prepared just as they are requested

  • Decide where to go and what to do in order to make your journey on the Silolona unforgettable

  • A once in a lifetime experience, sailing through some of the most stunning and unusual scenery

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Straddling the equator, Indonesia tends to have a fairly even climate year-round. Rather than four seasons, Indonesia has two – wet and dry – and there are no extremes of temperature between winter and summer. In most parts of Indonesia, the wet season falls between October and April and the dry season between May and September. December and January see Indonesia at its most humid and rain tends to come in sudden tropical downpours, but it can also rain for more prolonged periods.

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The mysterious Spice Islands enjoy an evocative ancient history, conjuring romantic visions of majestic sailing ships, exotic sultans, enigmatic jungle tribes and the golden age of exploration. Columbus, Magellan, and Francis Drake all sailed in search of the Spice Islands.

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The Silolona is truly classic, luxury yacht where no expense has been spared to ensure that discerning travelers can discover and admire the stunning scenery and underwater wonders of South East Asia on a private cruise.

A ship to enchant and surprise you and the perfect way to relax, the Silolona is a 50 meter wooden luxury schooner and with exclusive use is ideal for a romantic hideaway or a wonderful unforgettable family adventure.

Silolona is stunningly decorated in beautiful teak wood and is adorned with Indonesian artifacts and tribal art, much of which has been collected over the years on the yacht's incredible journeys.

Cruise the East Indonesian Islands in search of the Komodo Dragon and wake every morning to a new island landscape and a different culture, a gently smouldering volcano, the craggy peaks of Komodo or a sleepy native harbor bustling with traditional fishing boats.

Whether your preference is for culture, beaches, snorkeling, fishing, diving or simply reading on deck in the sun, when aboard the Silolona the sky is the limit and you can explore the area of your choice at your own pace.

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The Silolona has five air-conditioned en-suite cabins. There are three Master Cabins and two Guest Cabins for exclusive use.


The Silolona has good facilities for children and welcomes families. As the yacht is taken on a private charter basis, the crew can alter and tailor make activities and meals to suit each and every member of your party.


You can specify your meal requests or leave the menu to the chef who is able to produce a wide and delicious range of Asian and Western dishes. Three Zodiac tenders accompany the boat to take you off for day excursions, to the beach and fishing. On board there is a beautiful sundeck, snorkeling and diving equipment, kayaks, water skis, windsurfer, wake board and fishing gear. There is a PADI dive center and fully qualified dive instructor on board the Silolona.


Included are two dives per person per day on board for licensed divers and all other water activities on offer. Padi Dive Courses are extra, as well as some land expeditions for cultural journeys. Rejuvenating on board spa treatments are also available.




When I was a boy, I saw dragons. They didnt actually fly or breathe fire, but in every other respect they were the stuff of legends, with razor-sharp claws, fearsome teeth and fiery tongues. Whats more, they lived in an exotic, far-off land and they ate people.

I was nine years old when I sat enthralled by black-and-white images of these monstrous creatures, brought to television screens in the 1950s by a young David Attenborough in Zoo Quest for a Dragon. It was as if he had traveled through time and space to a distant planet. He might well have done, because the lairs of the Komodo dragons of eastern Indonesia are as remote and hard to reach as they were half a century ago. First you fly to Bali, then catch a local flight over the islands of Lombok and Sumbawa to a ramshackle fishing village on the western tip of Flores that could be from a Somerset Maugham novel.

Cruising the Java Sea is a dreamboat called Silolona, an authentic replica of gaff-rigged schooners that plied the Spice Islands trade long before Europeans turned up in the 16th century. Hand-built by traditional boat-builders in a mangrove swamp in southern Sulawesi and launched in 2004, she carries up to 10 guests in considerable style and luxury, in staterooms worthy of a five-star hotel. One of her current itineraries, I was delighted to discover, is to the land of the Komodo dragons.

Constructed of ironwood, and trimmed in teak and a gleaming red-hued wood called lengua, she is superb testimony to traditional boat-building skills and arguably among the most handsome oriental sailing ships afloat. An old salt once declared that a sailing ship is the closest thing to dreams made by the hands of man. In this case, it was dreamed up by Patti Seery, an American architect inspired by Indonesian culture and art who had a vision of blending ancient and modern in a ship imbued with the romance of the past but equipped with a 680hp turbo-diesel engine to supplement her seven black sails.

She is about history and traditions, says Seery proudly. She tells of ancient legends. In local lore, Silolona was a woman of surpassing beauty whose husband saved the world from global warming by hurling a golden spear at the sun. His return is eagerly awaited.

The west coast of Padar is your classic desert-island idyll. Nobody lives there, and hardly anyone visits because strong currents make it hard to anchor. While Silolona cruises offshore, we explore a sweeping crescent of rose-tinted sand framed by wooded hills and dramatic sea stacks. The pink hue comes from crushed coral fragments, and the high tide line is a cornucopia of exotic shells and corals. It is absurdly picturesque, and a French woman in our party declares it the most beautiful beach she has ever seen.

That evening we decamp barefoot to a sandy cove on a nearby island for an aperitif and sushi made from jackfish freshly caught by the crew. As darkness falls and moonlight glitters on the water, the only sounds we hear are of waves lapping on the shore. And the occasional clink of a champagne glass.

Patti has another treat in store for guests unfamiliar with sailing in tropical waters: stars in the sea. The trick is to cruise around in a tender boat at night, trail a hand in the inky-black water, and watch the phosphorescence swirling from it like a galaxy of stars. The ultimate spectacle is the mermaid effect, caused when women swim at night and glittering lights cascade from their hair.

Eastern Indonesia is renowned for world-class dive sites, and Silolona is fully equipped for divers. In these shallow waters, though, a mask and snorkel are all that are required to explore coral reefs of wondrous variety and beauty. Turtles swim serenely among shoals of brilliantly-hued fish posing as parrots, trumpets and angels, all unconcerned by our presence.

At the entrance to the Loh Liang ranger station on Komodo Island there should be a sign, preferably in Gothic script, warning visitors: Here be dragons. One might reasonably expect another declaring: All ye who enter here, abandon hope. Disappointingly, there isnt. Instead, there is an information board stipulating that visitors should be accompanied by guides at all times. There are an estimated 2,500 dragons on Komodo and two neighboring islands, all of them cold-blooded predators.

They look every bit as fearsome as their reputation. A scaly hide, ugly head raised as if to strike, long yellow tongue flicking the air: it is the embodiment of menace. We retreat to the dubious safety of a wooden staircase, just in time. When our guide asks us to stay together on the trail, he is scrupulously obeyed.

On the last evening of our Indonesian adventure, the crew prepares a barbecue for us on a deserted beach. Lamps of burning oil are placed in holes dug in the sand, and local fishermen join our seamen in singing and playing guitars by the light of a campfire. Chinese lanterns are lit, and they drift high into the night sky. Silolona, her lights sparkling on the dark water, looks more than ever like a ship of dreams.

This is my kind of Zoo Quest.

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Labuan Bajo and Komodo National Park, Komodo and Flores, Indonesia

Cruise the East Indonesian Islands, Silolona Boat is positioned during April to November off the islands of Eastern Indonesia.

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