Best Time to Visit Indonesia

Straddling the equator, Indonesia tends to have a fairly consistent climate year-round. Rather than four seasons, Indonesia has two – dry (between May to September) and wet (between October to April) – and there are no extremes of temperature between winter and summer.

In most parts of Indonesia, the wet season falls between October and April and the dry season between May and September, which is when we would typically recommend traveling to Indonesia. December and January see Bali at its most humid and rain tends to come in sudden tropical downpours, but it can also rain for more prolonged periods.

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Climate guide for Indonesia

Destination Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Java 17°F 18mm 4°F 47mm 24°F 29mm 44°F 55mm 53°F 84mm 68°F 84mm 74°F 135mm 69°F 96mm 63°F 90mm 41°F 86mm 32°F 33mm 22°F 17mm
Lombok 81°F 13mm 81°F 0mm 81°F 87mm 81°F 0mm 81°F 1mm 77°F 0mm 77°F 0mm 77°F 0mm 79°F 0mm 82°F 0mm 84°F 0mm 82°F 0mm
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