Best Time to Visit Greece

What is the best time to visit Greece? The climate is warm and sunny for the majority of the year with the risk of the odd shower of rain and some cooler periods over the winter.

From April/May onwards the weather settles but it can sometimes be cool in the evenings. By mid/end of May, the weather generally settles in a pattern of long hot sunny days and balmy evenings especially in July and August when it can be very hot. Rain is unlikely but it can happen from time to time. May to October are particularly pleasurable months. The islands are mostly summer destinations opening from May to September. Some winter options are available in Athens and other mainland areas.

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Climate guide for Greece

Destination Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Athens & the Peloponnese 47°F 350mm 49°F 153mm 55°F 53mm 58°F 266mm 67°F 8mm 79°F 53mm 81°F 20mm 83°F 0mm 75°F 11mm 69°F 68mm 63°F 263mm 53°F 301mm
Corfu 47°F 617mm 53°F 25mm 57°F 98mm 61°F 350mm 64°F 140mm 78°F 101mm 81°F 41mm 83°F 0mm 77°F 101mm 69°F 142mm 63°F 780mm 55°F 393mm
Milos 52°F 313mm 53°F 204mm 56°F 103mm 60°F 112mm 67°F 4mm 77°F 0mm 80°F 1mm 80°F 0mm 73°F 1mm 69°F 72mm 66°F 199mm 57°F 194mm
Mykonos 51°F 204mm 53°F 171mm 57°F 56mm 59°F 99mm 66°F 2mm 77°F 0mm 78°F 13mm 78°F 0mm 73°F 0mm 69°F 51mm 66°F 62mm 57°F 53mm
Naxos 53°F 215mm 54°F 163mm 56°F 60mm 59°F 73mm 67°F 2mm 76°F 0mm 78°F 1mm 79°F 0mm 73°F 1mm 69°F 32mm 66°F 97mm 57°F 95mm
Paros 52°F 215mm 54°F 163mm 56°F 60mm 60°F 73mm 67°F 2mm 76°F 0mm 79°F 1mm 79°F 0mm 73°F 1mm 69°F 32mm 66°F 97mm 57°F 95mm
Rhodes 54°F 724mm 56°F 351mm 60°F 139mm 63°F 328mm 70°F 15mm 79°F 8mm 82°F 23mm 83°F 0mm 78°F 4mm 74°F 109mm 67°F 579mm 59°F 483mm
Santorini 62°F 3mm 72°F 0mm 73°F 1mm 79°F 0mm 87°F 4mm 88°F 55mm 86°F 10mm 88°F 12mm 82°F 122mm 78°F 14mm 71°F 24mm 62°F 12mm
Sifnos 52°F 313mm 53°F 204mm 57°F 103mm 60°F 129mm 67°F 4mm 77°F 0mm 79°F 1mm 80°F 0mm 73°F 1mm 69°F 72mm 66°F 210mm 57°F 194mm
Zakynthos 48°F 354mm 51°F 39mm 54°F 51mm 59°F 79mm 63°F 21mm 77°F 2mm 80°F 19mm 82°F 0mm 76°F 48mm 68°F 54mm 63°F 269mm 55°F 128mm
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