Things to Do in Greece

The experiences and things to do in Greece are as varied as the 6,000 islands themselves, there is much to see and do throughout this beautiful country.  Our specialist tour guides who know their subject inside and out, bring you the joy and unique insight that not everyone gets to see and enjoy. Specialist food and wine tasting, cultural journeys, ride horseback, take to the skies, boat trips galore, photography, diving, sailing, hiking, biking….the list is endless but we can ensure finding the right experience that is unique for you.

From Crete you can board a helicopter and head to beautiful Santorini in just 25 minutes, ideal for a day of exploring. Explore the ancient town of Akrotiri, a fascinating archaeological site on Santorini, or whilst in Athens discover the unique and contrasting neighborhoods as you enjoy a walking tour of the city with your private guide. Visit the incredible archaeological ruins at Delphi, the UNESCO World Heritage Site and sanctuary chosen by Zeus as the center of the ancient world. Hike Mount Olympus led by a member of Greece’s first Everest Expedition team. We will ensure you will get to unpick the mystery that surrounds Greece.

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