Day 3 - Wildlife and Shamanic Ceremony

Amazon, Ecuador

A second day of working on your project is likely to see it taking shape, and can be followed by a visit to a Shaman for a traditional cleansing ceremony before learning about traditional hunting methods.

If yesterday’s exertions haven’t proven too tiring, a morning hike offers a chance to see a vast array of wildlife, including toucans and long-tailed potoos.

Joining family and guests to continue working on the community project can be a hugely rewarding experience and one that will leave a lasting contribution for the community.

After lunch and a chance to unwind in a hammock, this afternoon is an opportunity to experience a shamanic cleansing ceremony and blessing. Soak in the views from your vantage point, as the local Shaman creates clouds of divine smoke. Follow this with a chance to learn about indigenous weapons, and practise throwing a spear and blowgun.

Enjoy a final dinner with the tropical orchestral accompaniment, the gentle breeze and vibrant colors of the sunset bringing the emerald green of the jungle alive.

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