Learning Vacations

Are you itching to discover cultures around the world? Do you fidget at the thought of spending all day on a sun lounger? Then our handpicked collection of educational experiences could be just the solution. Don’t worry, you won’t be taken back to your school days and stuck indoors – with Scott Dunn, the world becomes your classroom. These immersive experiences will have you meeting locals, learning from experts and engaging in authentic customs.

We'll customize your itinerary to suit you. Whether you’d like an action-packed adventure or a few days away from the beach, we’ll create a vacation that’s fun for the whole family. Kids will be kept entertained with a scavenger hunt around Angkor Thom or a family cooking class, while teens can try something out of this world, like astronaut training or sandboarding in the Namib Desert. Whether you choose to learn flamenco in Andalucia or blend your own tequila in Mexico, your curiosity will be awakened, your horizons broadened, and you’ll see the world from a whole new perspective.

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Young explorers

For teens, vacations are all about trying something new and getting stuck in to an action-packed activity that’s just not possible at home. Whether that’s learning to surf in the sport’s birthplace of Hawaii or taking on an Instagram-worthy treasure hunt around the souks of Marrakech, our selection of teen-friendly experiences will engage independent young explorers the world round. They’re so exciting, they might even let the rest of the family tag along too!

Little learners

Traveling can open our youngest guests’ eyes to other cultures and ways of life, broaden their interests or establish new skills. Our handpicked selection of family-friendly experiences will surreptitiously engage your little learner with a huge dose of fun away from the monotony of the classroom. Whether they fancy themselves as a Roman gladiator for a day, or as a Maasai warrior for a week, our range of experiences will excite and captivate even the most imaginative of minds.

A journey through time

One of the most rewarding aspects of travel is getting to know the country you’re visiting. You can discover ancient worlds and modern cultures, follow in the footsteps of historic figures and immerse yourself in unique traditions from around the globe. Whether you want to live as a Moroccan Berber for a day, tap into your spiritual side with a Tai Chi class in Vietnam or learn Italian in the heart of Tuscany, our experiences can help you get under the skin of cultures past and present.

Artistic adventures

For those with a keen eye for the finer details in life, there can be no greater pleasure than discovering the artistic movements and trends that influence cultures around the world. From Bushmen paintings in Namibia to classics in the Louvre, with our private art tours you’ll unlock your creative side. You’ll even have the chance to create your own masterpiece with specialist photography experiences and learn the art of perfectly capturing the Northern Lights, the temples of Angkor or a passing herd of elephants on safari.

Food for thought

Getting to know a country through its food is a pure delight for every traveler. With our selection of culinary experiences you can get to know local people, share mouth-watering dishes and learn about national cuisines. Get stuck in with cooking classes, master the art of winemaking and create your very own bottle, or discover Japan’s unique culture through its traditional tea ceremonies. The world really is your oyster.

Into the wild

It’s more important than ever to look after our planet, and there’s no better place to start than by protecting our wildlife. During your vacation, you can join top conservationists from around the world to learn about the essential work being carried out from Burma to South Africa. Whether you want to get up close and personal with chimpanzees or release turtles into the sea, your helping hand will go a long way and the reward will be priceless.

Let’s get active

There’s no doubt that vacations are the perfect time to sit back, relax, and completely unwind. However, there’s also no better opportunity to try out a new sport or pick up a new skill with an expert by your side in the most spectacular of settings. Think mushing a husky sled in northern Norway or kitesurfing off the coast of Mauritius – we can tailor your vacation to you, whether you’re looking for a little soft adventure or an extreme adrenaline rush.

Meet the experts

For an in-depth, exclusive and one-of-a-kind adventure, team up with one of our experts around the globe. Real specialists in their fields, with these guides by your side you’ll gain a thorough understanding of your chosen subject. Learn about Australia’s indigenous heritage with an Aboriginal elder or discover the diverse wildlife of the Galapagos with a marine biologist – wherever you decide to travel, you’ll be in for a truly enriching experience.

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