Liquid Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand

The Chao Phraya was once, and in many ways remains, Bangkok's lifeblood. The focus of this trip is to explore some of the city's oldest neighbourhoods, which laid the foundations for the bustling capital of today.

Travelling by longtail boat and on foot, delve into the history of Thonburi, which was once briefly the capital of the whole country. Originally a completely separate city to Bangkok, Thonburi was the main dock area for cargo going on to Ayutthaya. When Ayutthaya fell in 1767, Thonburi was declared the new capital, and remained so for 15 years before Bangkok took over the position in 1782. Despite now being a district of Bangkok, Thonburi has retained its own distinct character.

Follow the footsteps, or rather waterways, of Bangkok's early merchants to learn more about the commercial identities of the different areas, influenced by the Chinese, Portuguese and British. There are also some significant temples which are well worth a visit.

We also suggest exploring some of the old artisan villages, such as Baan Bu, known for its bronzeware, and Baan Silapin (the Artist's House), which is part of a quaint community of traditional wooden houses. Baan Silapin is over 200 years old but has been lovingly restored. Here you can browse various arts and crafts, and should you wish, have your fortune told.

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