Given that the Chao Phraya river is the focal point of Bangkok, which the city was built around, it is therefore not surprising that the communities and neighbourhoods on the riverside are some of the oldest and most fascinating.

Talad Noi, which translates as 'small market', was the capital's original Chinatown, and this can be seen in the neighbourhood's architecture and culinary influence. Stroll through the maze of streets, some of which show signs of renovation, whilst others are in various states of disrepair. Pass shophouses that sell all kinds of oddities and mechanical parts. Despite being a Chinese community, the area is also dotted with European heritage buildings, and we suggest keeping your eyes open for colourful street art.

Take a tuk tuk or the river ferry to the spice market, before crossing the river to Wat Kalayanamit, a pretty Buddhist temple. After a short walk along the river, passing Bangkok's oldest Taoist temple en route, you will reach the church of Santa Cruz. The church was built in 1770 by the Portuguese, who had been granted the plot of land by King Taksin in recognition of their military services to Thailand.

The community that grew up around the church is called Kudi Jeen. Wander through the neighbourhood's narrow streets, admiring century-old teak wood houses. Stop off to try some khanom farang Kudi Jeen. This is a local delicacy for which the area is famous. It is the first western-style cake to be made in Thailand, and the original recipe has been passed down through the generations for over 250 years. As you continue your walk, you will also have a chance to sample some other delicious local snacks.

Please note that this trip is flexible, and you will be able to discuss options with your guide locally. Drinks, snacks and all transportation costs are included.

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