Floating Markets - Half Day

Bangkok, Thailand

Leave Bangkok's skyscrapers behind and head out into the suburbs to experience some of Thailand's most vibrant and bustling markets, ranging from railways to rivers.

You will travel by car away from the city centre. Once you have reached the countryside you will stop at a local market which has sprung up along the railway tracks. The well-prepared vendors are able to quickly clear their stalls from the tracks as trains pull in, then have business up and running again once the train departs.

From here you will continue to Damnoen Saduak, the most popular floating market in Thailand. It is worth being aware that it is quite touristy here, although it is great fun and certainly worth a visit. Watch the vendors jostling their boats along the canals, selling their wares of exotic fruits and Thai snacks.   

Head away from the main market area and enjoy a paddle boat ride along the quieter canals, passing riverside houses and catching a glimpse of the slower provincial life.

The markets are at their busiest early in the morning, and so we recommend departing Bangkok at around 7am in order to catch the action in full swing. Damnoen Saduak is around a 90-minute journey from Bangkok, therefore you will be back in city by about 1pm.


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