Lisbon's bright yellow trams are real icons of the city, having been in use since the late 19th century. For an exclusive tour of the city, board your very own private tram and wind your way through Lisbon's vibrant neighbourhoods. Sit back and relax in your perfectly restored tram and enjoy the views outside your window before to disembark for a n exclusive guided tour of The Church of Sao Roque. It was the earliest Jesuit church in the Portuguese world, and one of the first Jesuit churches anywhere.  
Stepping inside you will find a realm of gilded wood carvings, Portuguese glazed tiles and some of the most incredible artistic skills found in Europe during the 18th century, divided by the different small chapels. This experience will allow you to have access to some of the hidden secrets and understand some of the mysteries behind the construction. You will be able to do so not only in the company of art experts but also looking into places normally hidden away from the general public… What about walking on top of the stunning painted wooden ceiling of the church? Overlook a tiny small room on the bell tower with one of the most glorious views over Lisbon? Enter the upper choir where only very few were allowed to step into during this history of the church? This will all be possible and by the end of the day you will understand that this hidden gem of the city of Lisbon is much more than the simple white façade: a perfect time voyage into the history of Lisbon. 

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