Sports festivals

The sporting calendar runs the full gamut of competitions across the globe. Visit the home of polo to hear the soul stirring thunder of hooves, plonk yourself roadside for the roar of the world’s fastest supercars, or hear the thud of a caber resound around a glen in the Scottish Highlands for a truly unique sporting experience. We’ve picked the hottest tickets in town to the world’s greatest sporting occasions.

Sports festivals
Stampede in Canada

The Calgary Stampede is a ten day long celebration of the heritage of the region and the perfect place to revel in Alberta's heritage, culture and community spirit. Over 100 years ago, the stampede was established and it continues to be a real celebration of everything Calgary, from rodeo tournaments to spectacular stunts and chuckwagon events.

Tango on the streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina
Festival de Tango, Argentina - August

Born out of the secret world of Buenos Aires, the Festival de Tango is a showcase of the passion of the Argentine people for their famed dance. Running for almost three weeks throughout August, the 'world's biggest tango extravaganza' offers everything from tango shows and recitals to the much anticipated Tango World Championships.

Scottish dancing at Highland Games

Marvel as Scotsmen toss the caber, or get involved with a fiercely competitive tug o' war, witness traditional dance renditions and watch track and field events, at a Highland Games in Scotland. Taking place throughout the summer, from May to September, the festivities can be easily combined into a Scotland itinerary. The Games are a celebration of Scottish traditions, so keep your ears to the ground for the blow of bagpipes and eyes peeled for patchwork of tartan kilts.

cape town international kite festival
International Kite Festival, Cape Town - October

The International Kite Festival in Cape Town is a fantastic family friendly event in South Africa. Whether it's getting stuck in with a kite making workshop, tucking into some of the delicious food on offer, picking up a souvenir at one of the many crafts stalls or flying your very own kite, there is something for everyone. Over the course of the weekend, the skies fill with kites and many locals come out to celebrate this unique occasion.

Polo on the Argentinian Pampas
Open Polo Championships, Argentina - November or December

Considered the home of polo, Argentina proudly hosts one of the oldest polo competitions in the world. Marking the end of the international polo season, the Open Polo Championships attracts competitors from across the globe to contest for the title. It is impossible not to be captivated by the incredible skill, sportsmanship and passion which captures the nation throughout the tournament.

Crowds at Palio di Siena, Italy
Palio di Siena, Italy - July or August

Perhaps Italy's greatest sporting occasion, the Palio di Siena is an occasion steeped in pageantry and social identity. This fantastic display of Italian heritage allows you to step back in time, as it has preserved the same traditional revelry as half a century ago. Having taken place in the Pizza del Campo in the heart of Siena since 1644, this is a contest at the heart of Siena. Two thirds of the city's population come out to watch the palio take place and watch the contrada race each other for a mere 75 seconds.

Pasola Festival in Sumba, Indonesia
Pasola, Sumba - February or March

The centuries old harvest festival of Pasola is a ritualised jousting war between the villages of western Sumba. Each year, there is a mock battle to appease the Marapu gods and guarantee a good harvest. The night before the battle, locals gather to prepare offerings for their ancestors as festival fever begins to descend on the island. During the war, skilled horsemen hurl wooden poles at one another in a fast and furious event that is not for the faint hearted!

Singapore Grand Prix
Singapore Grand Prix - September

The Singapore Grand Prix is a stalwart of the Formula One circuit, and is a prestigious celebration of the world's greatest motorsport. As the first event on the Grand Prix calendar to be held at night, the electric atmosphere of the hotly contested competition makes for an unforgettable evening. The spectacular backdrop of the route, the iconic Singapore skyline, confirms its place as an unmissable feature of the sporting calendar.

Champagne and strawberries at Wimbledon

For many, Wimbledon is the sporting event of the summer season and a really rather British affair. The tennis tournament welcomes the biggest names of the sporting world, both as players and spectators and whilst sought after tickets are hard to come by, watching a tightly contested match is a truly thrilling experience. With a staggering 320,000 glasses of Pimms served throughout the tournament, and copious amounts of strawberries and cream you can be guaranteed a quintessentially English day out.

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