Hop on board a luxury train, cruise oceans or rivers in a luxury boat; this is the way to travel in style. The journey is an integral part of the adventure. From trips through the Silk Road on Golden Eagle Luxury Train, to explorations of the Galapagos Islands by catamaran, or a cruise to remote coral reefs in Belize, we've handpicked the best of the best of cruise and rail just for you.

Sometimes the best way to see a country’s true colours is to travel along its rivers or coastline by boat, or wind through ever-changing scenery in a luxury train. Watch the destination reveal itself through the windows, stopping off to get up close to the cultures, history and wildlife. You could travel through Japan on its bullet train, take the Rovos Rail to Victoria Falls, sail down the Amazon river in a luxury boat, or cruise the Mekong from Siem Reap to Saigon. We've cherry-picked the best boats and the finest rail journeys and have plenty of ideas to help you stop and unwind before or after the journey, too.

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Ocean cruises

Set sail for shimmering new horizons on a modern breed of ship that’s setting the bar in luxury travel. From the Caribbean to the Mediterranean, cruising just got personal with six-star facilities, spacious suites, butler service and gourmet dining. They even have mega toys like zodiac boats and two-man subs. Your key to the world, ocean cruising hasn’t just recaptured the spirit of its glamourous heyday, it’s elevated it to art form.

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Private yacht holidays

If unparalleled luxury, privacy and freedom are high on your holiday checklist, a sailing adventure aboard an exclusive yacht charter will tick all these boxes and more. Offering the flexibility to choose your route and create your own itinerary, you’ll be able to explore hidden bays and secret beaches in the utmost style.

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Rail journeys

Surrender to the cathartic rhythm of rail and the romance of slow travel; now the true definition of luxury in a world that doffs it cap to speed. Watch iconic landscapes like the Scottish Highlands or the Alps roll by before you pull into some of the world’s most famous cities.

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Barges and river cruise

Discover a hidden world of rural French villages, vineyards and chateaux from the comfort of your luxury barge, mooring in beautiful locations each evening to enjoy delicious gourmet dinners. Pick up handcrafted gifts at Christmas markets on a festive cruise along the Danube, watching as each new city hoves into view as you sip your morning coffee on deck.

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Expedition cruises

There is nothing as thrilling as expedition cruising, navigating the waters in the world's farthest corners for some of the most authentic and intimate experiences few people have access to. It's about getting out in the wild to explore and discover nature at its rawest with a team of knowledgeble crew and experts. Every day is a new adventure - whether it's a Zodiac ride that takes you close to the penguins in Antarctica or swimming with sea turtles in the Galapagos Islands.

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Step afoot the wild and remote wilderness that is the North and South Pole, truly one of the most spectacular places on Earth. A journey like no other, a blaze on your senses, once you have had a taste of this magical land you will want to keep coming back for more. Home to some of the world’s most unique wildlife and richest histories, from whales to penguins to the great ice bear, both Antarctica and the Arctic offer a life-changing experience in an Icey wonderland that is ready for you to explore.

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