Great Wall of China

Few more iconic structures exist on our fine planet than the Great Wall of China. Whatever your expectations, it’s guaranteed to leave you slack-jawed in wonder. It’s true that vast numbers of people visit each year but there are still ways to explore quiet stretches of this undulating 8,850 km, 2,200 year old colossus.

With your expert local guide, navigate traffic with ease, make a beeline for the best views, and discover historical hotspots to ensure your Great Wall encounter is a memory to cherish.

Away from the Great Wall, back in Beijing, you’re catapulted into the frenetic energy of a city where modern and ancient collide head on. A culture clash 5000 years in the making. Whether you’re travelling as two or a multi-gen family, you’re spoilt for choice between temples, gardens, art districts and museums, food vendors and market traders.

Stay in luxurious boutique hotels like Brickyard or lux brand The Aman with its secret door to The Summer Palace; hang out in the coolest bars; sample the city’s finest Peking duck; and pamper yourself in first-rate spas. The Great Wall of China is just the beginning of your Asia adventure.

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Did you know?

The most famous Great Wall legend is that of ‘Men Jiangnu’s Bitter Weeping’. When her husband died building the wall, her sorrow was so profound that a section of the wall collapsed to reveal her husband’s bones, which she promptly buried.

Did you know?

The Great Wall of China is not one long structure but actually a network of walls

Did you know?

Glutinous or ‘sticky’ rice flour was used in the mortar of the Great Wall as early as the Qin Dynasty

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