Kayaking on Tonle Sap

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Enjoy Tonle Sap by kayak instead of boat to give you a more interactive and exciting view of this incredible reservoir. This experience is ideal for active families and couples!

Life on the Tonle Sap has adapted to the rise and fall of water caused by the phenomenal back flow from the Mekong, which feeds the lake during the monsoon. Houses in the village of Kampong Kleang are built on 8 meter high stilts to rise above the water, while houses at Mechreay are built on large bamboo rafts.

When the lake is full you'll launch your kayaks upstream and paddle over flooded paddy fields and forest into the village between the houses over what were once streets. During the ebb you’ll take the motorboat along the channel that leads to the open lake where you will paddle out to a floating village a kilometre offshore. Return to have lunch on the wooden veranda of a stilted house overlooking the pagoda or drinks in the late afternoon as the fishing boats return to unload their catch.

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