Highlights of Greece

Exquisite islands, beautiful coastline, ancient stories and delicious food all play their part in the sweeping appeal of Greece. Here the coastline stretches 16,000km, met with the sparkling transparent waters of the Mediterranean.

04 October 2017


There are endless islands to explore in Greece, and Europe Travel Expert, Cammie gives us some of her favorite places in this striking country.


Drink: The restaurant at the GB Roof Garden Restaurant and Bar in the Hotel Grande Bretagne is an absolute must while in Athens. Taking in the spectacular view of the Acropolis while dining on delicious Mediterranean cuisine is an experience that you will never forget. Watch the sky change from day to evening behind the Acropolis while sipping on one of the 50 available cocktails. The atmosphere at the GB Roof Garden is lively and this ultimate open-air bar offers views of Lycabettus Hill and the vibrant city of Athens.


Experience: A boat trip to ancient Delos is a must-do experience while staying in Mykonos. Delos is an uninhabited island off the coast of Mykonos. The island is a sanctuary to the god Apollo, and an important commercial trading port in the 1st and 2nd Century. Hire a private guide and let them lead you through this historic undeveloped area.

Following your tour of Delos, have your captain take you to the hidden cove, you are free to jump in the crystal clear water whenever you please. Mykonos is a wonderful place full of history, amazing restaurants, great shopping and some of the best beaches in Greece.


Must do: Hiking to the top of Skaros Rock. Set aside a morning or evening and wind your way through the walking alleys of Imervogili. Make your way down to the start of the trail head. Follow the dirt path until you reach an area where you might have to do a little “mountain goat climbing”. Once you scramble up a few rocks, you will find yourself perched on the top of the first fortress built in the 15th century. The views of the caldera from the top of Skaros Rock is a view that you will never forget. This is just a short 30-minute walk and worth every step!

Stay: The beautiful Grace Santorini. This white-washed hotel is romantic, luxurious, and aside from Skaros Rock, has some of the best views of the island. And make sure to try the signature cocktail at the Champagne Lounge during sunset.


Stay: Santorini is famous for its sunsets, but I have to say the views from Amanzoe rival those of Santorini. Perched high on the hill overlooking the mountains the Amanzoe hotel bar has the most incredible views at sunset. If you arrive in early spring cuddle up under cozy blankets and on those summer nights enjoy a light breeze and watch the sky light on fire. It will be hard to pull yourself away from the bar terrace and these jaw-dropping views.

Tip: Unless taking your children during summer vacation, avoid peak season. Try to visit outside of July and August. This is when prices are highest, crowds swell and temperatures sky rocket. Instead travel during May-June & September-October, Greece is beautiful during these times.

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