Alongside the resident experts on board, spend your days discovering the secrets of Svalbard. As your experienced captain and expedition leaders navigate the icy waters of the High Arctic, paying close attention to the dynamic sea and weather conditions, they will steer a course along the west coast of Spitsbergen, getting as close to the sea ice as possible. Keep a look out from the observation decks of the ship for the whales, walruses and seals that frequent these inky depths, or hop in a Zodiac for a closer look. On your ship-to-shore trips, discover abandoned whaling and trapping settlements dotted across the tundra, a relic from years gone by. As you walk on the islands, you may spot playful Arctic foxes or herds of reindeer grazing on the scrubland. Undoubtedly, the ultimate quarry is the majestic polar bear, most likely spotted hunting for seals and walruses hauled out on the edge of the sea ice. Keep your cameras at the ready should you come across the Arctic’s most famous resident. On board the ship, expert expedition staff will lead lectures and educational programmes to help you understand more about the spectacular flora and fauna that surrounds you in this unique part of the world.

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