What to bring on your visit to the Arctic

Packing for The Arctic can seem daunting so here's a list of what we consider essentials.

What to Bring

Here are the essentials:

  • A Parka - Something lightweight and water resistant with a layer of insulation. Bonus points if its in a bright colour as these are easier to spot (traditionally, Polar travellers wear red).
  • Warm, waterproof trousers - Ski pants are preferable, but you can also opt for thick trousers and combine them with rain over-trousers.
  • Thermal underwear - This is non-negotiable and should come in the form of a long-sleeved top, trousers and socks.
  • Jumpers - Pack wool jumpers or a medium weight, fleece jacket are both perfect.
  • Rubber boots - These are an essential and we recommend that you pack boots that go at least mid-calf as sometimes the water level is above your ankle.
  • Walking boots - You will have plenty of opportunity to hike the arctic wilderness and a sturdy walking boots is great for this terrain.
  • Socks - Thick socks should be worn over a thin pair to help insulate your feet but bring lots as your feet will inevitably get wet at some point on your trip.
  • Hat and scarf - Woolen or fleece are always best.
  • Mittens and under gloves - Thin polypropylene gloves should be worn underneath warm mittens, so you can whip your gloves off and snap a photo with ease.
  • Extra gloves - Even waterproof gloves get damp, so a backup is always a good idea.
  • Sunglasses with straps - The Arctic is a large expanse of ice with 24-hour sunshine during the summer months, so it gets very bright. You really don’t want to lose your sunglasses!
  • Hand and foot warmers - You are likely to hiking through tundras and then stopping to spot wildlife, so hand and foot warmers are a nice addition to your suitcase if not an essential.
  • A camera - Whether you’re a photography whizz or rely on your smart phone, you don’t need all the technology to capture these fascinating landscapes and majestic wildlife, you just need something to capture this once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

  • Ask your travel consultant about the equipment provided by your cruise or lodge provider.

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