Vietnam for Teens

Vietnam is exotic, beautiful and rich in culture, from the bustling streets of Saigon to the culturally enriching hill-tribes of Sapa, it’s a fantastic destination to travel with teens to. A trip to Vietnam is an interactive and educational experience for any family, and teens especially open themselves up to a world of possibilities here.

A highlight of any vacation to Vietnam is learning about the unique local handicrafts of the country. Travel by dragon boat to Hue, where your family will meet local artisans and partake in creating intricate folk art and craft paper flowers. Or stop in Hoi An to learn silk making and bamboo crafts with local experts. Getting creative and participating in hands-on activities is a great way to breakup heavier cultural excursions like the Cu Chi Tunnels.

If you have active teens, Vietnam is the perfect locale to explore. The diverse regions and landscapes offer something a little different with each step you take. You can spend a night cruising by boat on scenic Halong Bay, cycle through lush paddy fields and learn about rice farming in rural Hue or glide down the Thu Bon River and take in Hoi An by kayak, viewing fisherman, peaceful landscapes and vegetable gardens along the way. For more adventurous teens, head to Sapa for excellent trekking. Your family will hike through stilt house villages, waterfalls and learn the fascinating traditions of the region’s ethnic groups. A guaranteed exciting and enriching experience.

No family trip to Vietnam is complete without immersing yourselves in the country’s foodie culture. Unlike younger children, teens are more open-minding and experimental when it comes to sampling cuisine and from mouth-watering street food stalls to gourmet restaurants, Vietnam offers many delicious delicacies to dine on. We recommend taking a Vespa food tour in Saigon or a street food and market tour in Hanoi. Both are fun ways to expose your teens to a new culture while expanding their palates.

Vietnam offers so much for teens, from vibrant food and markets to hiking, kayaking, cycling and meeting friendly local peoples. Vietnam is the perfect way to introduce your teens to a mesmerizing new world. If they haven’t already caught the ‘travel bug,’ they certainly will after a trip to Vietnam.

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