Tours in Rwanda

Rwanda, or the Land of a Thousand Hills, is an East African country small in size but mighty in culture, wildlife and scenery. Rwanda has had a recent turbulent past but has grown into a safe and successful country in a remarkably short time.

A Rwanda tour typically combines the uber luxurious with the untamed wilderness—an exciting pair to say the least. Rwanda has mastered the idea of five-star accommodation and service, and the friendly locals have exceptionally high standards of hospitality. An itinerary that only includes Rwanda is sure to tick all the boxes, or it can be easily connected to safari in both Eastern and Southern Africa. Once you are in country, you can choose to either be driven from place to place with a private driver or opt for travel by helicopter to see the land from above. Whether your time in Rwanda is spent mainly in Volcanoes National Park trekking the famous mountain gorilla, or hopping from park to park to see all that the country has to offer, each itinerary we craft comes customized to you and your interests, ensuring your trip is exactly how you imagined it.

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