Places to Visit in Rwanda

There are three main wilderness destinations in Rwanda that are typically combined into an itinerary: Volcanoes National Park, Nyungwe Forest, Akagera National Park. Volcanoes National Park is one of three places in the world that you can trek the endangered mountain gorilla. This region of Rwanda is strikingly green, with dramatic volcanoes and terraced hillsides. There is also the chance to do some golden monkey trekking and community visits here as well. Many people come to the country only to visit this region, though there are other fascinating places to visit in Rwanda as well.

Places to visit

Nyungwe Forest is a beautiful mountain rainforest located in southwest Rwanda, most well-known for chimp and other, smaller primate trekking. You can also do canopy walks and nature walks here to see the natural surrounds up close and personal. Finally, Akagera National Park is the only area of Rwanda that you can get a Big Five game viewing experience. Traditional safari experiences like game drives are on offer here, however it is important to note that this safari experience may feel “softer” than other countries in Eastern Africa as the region is still working on increasing wildlife numbers.

Map featuring best places to visit in Rwanda

Places on the map

  • Nyungwe Forest National Park Rwanda
  • Virungas and northern Rwanda Rwanda
  • Kigali and central Rwanda Rwanda
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