Mountain Hike trail W9

Nizwa, Oman

The W9 trek is 9 kilometers along a former donkey path in the Western Hajar mountains offering wonderful vistas of Wadi Bani Awf and the surrounding mountains.

The W9 mountain hike begins at Misfat al Briyyin and ascends from an altitude of 950m to 2000m taking between 5-6 hours, however, the beautiful scenery will preoccupy you from the challenge of it. For the return you can either go back on yourself if you’re feeling particularly energetic. However, for those of you who want a change of scenery and a shorter trip back you can embark on the 3.5km W10h trail or the 5km W8. There will be a driver at the end of whichever route you choose to take you back.

Please note that this trek cannot be done directly from the hotels in the mountains. You will need to travel by car to the start point, and then travel by car back to your hotel. The journey time each way can be 1-2 hours.

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