Kubah National Park and Matang Wildlife Center

Kuching, Borneo, Malaysia

Kubah National Park is only 20 kilometers from Kuching, and the park's three mountains; Gunung Serapi, Selang and Sendok can be seen clearly from the city. Spend a day exploring the park, including a visit to the Matang Wildlife Center.

The park is best known for its palms, but it is also home to a number of rare ferns and orchids. HIV research scientists have also been conducting studies on chemicals extracted from the bintangor trees within the park, and so you may see evidence of sap-tapping as you walk through the forest.

Accompanied by your English-speaking guide, take the Rayu Trail, which passes through pretty forest and along riverbanks. The trek will take around three and a half hours, finishing at a jungle stream adjacent to the Matang Wildlife Center.

Matang Wildlife Center is the main rehabilitation center in Sarawak. As well as orangutans, the center also rehabilitates bear cats, porcupines, crocodiles, sambar and barking deer, civet cats and sun bears. These can be seen in natural enclosures throughout the center. There is also an aviary, which houses sea eagles, hornbills and brahminy kites.

Please note that whilst the trek is not particularly strenuous, you will need to be comfortable walking for three to four hours in hot and humid conditions. You will also need to bring decent walking shoes with a good grip, as the ground can be slippery. There are often leeches, and whilst the bites are harmless, you may want to bring leech socks to avoid this.

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