Tours in Madagascar

Madagascar is a large island off the south east coast of Africa. Hugely diverse in terrain and biodiversity a tour of Madagascar is a unique experience. The center is characterized by highlands, the east coast is covered in rainforest, the west is open savannah and the southern tip is semi-desert.

With many endemic species Madagascar is a fascinating place, very different to mainland Africa. Our Madagascar travel experts have designed some fantastic luxury Madagascar tours based around the wildlife, beaches, trekking or any combination of these! Whether you are planning 10 days or two weeks in Madagascar we can create the perfect trip for you. All our Madagascar itineraries include the best hotels in Madagascar, carefully curated by our team based on the quality of their facilities, their commitment to guest experience and their proximity to some of the best things to do in Madagascar. Contact us and a member of our Madagascar team will get in touch with you to discuss the best time to go to Madagascar and can recommend the best places to visit for what you want to do there.

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