Cyprus is a Mediterranean island just south of Turkey that has beautiful beaches and tempting waters, whilst inland you’ll find olive and citrus groves, and small villages. With a good climate for enjoying both spring and autumn sunshine, Cyprus is also great for good food and fine local wines.

Alluring beaches and tempting waters await you on Cyprus’ coastline, whilst inland you’ll find a bounty of undulating hills scattered with olive and citrus groves, sleepy little villages and very welcoming residents. Make sure you sample plenty of the local wines and mouth-watering cuisine; the seafood is fresh and plentiful and best-grilled and enjoyed al fresco, in true Cypriot style. This is an excellent destination for spring or autumn sunshine - April and October are particularly good times to visit with average temperatures in the mid 20s. We handpick our luxury hotels in Cyprus, so you can enjoy the best Mediterranean settings, service and cuisine.

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For a break from Cyprus’s stunning Mediterranean coastline, hire a car and head into the hills to see Cyprus’s gothic castles. In the eastern mountain range of Kyrenia is the Kantara Castle, built in the 10th century, with great views across Cyprus.

The Explorers kids clubs at the Anassa and Almyra offer childcare from 4 months for the most relaxing family vacation.

Be sure to hire a Jeep and explore the Troodos Mountains, a brilliant contrast to Cyprus's beaches.

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Anassa and Almyra, Cyprus

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