Explore the ancient city of Mycenae, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, said to be home to the legendary Agamemnon. Mycenae was once the most powerful city in Ancient Greece and was at the peak of its strength around 1300 BC. Here you'll see the impressive Cyclopean Walls, built by Cyclops according to Greek legend, and the Lion Gate, which has been welcoming visitors to the city for thousands of years.

Continue on to Epidaurus, an Ancient Greek city which was known for its healing sanctuary, where visitors would come to cure their illnesses, as well as its impressive theater. The vast theater is still in use to this day and is renowned for its incredible acoustics which allow all audience members to hear even the quietest noise at center stage.

Your final stop will be Nafplio, a major port city dating back to the Bronze Age. This historic city was the first capital of Greece following its independence and today boasts picturesque streets with architecture influenced by Venetian rulers throughout the centuries.

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