Activities at the Gorges du Verdon

South of France, France

The dramatic Gorges du Verdon plays host to a whole range of activities for all the family.

Just an hour north of the Terre Blanche hotel in Provence lies the impressive Gorges du Verdon. It offers all sorts of activities for all the family depending on which end of the gorges you choose to visit.

For white water sports head for Castellane where you can choose from rafting, kayaking, 'aqua rando' (don a wetsuit and make your way down the gorge in the water swimming down light rapids and jumping from rocks into deep river pools) or 'hydraspeed' (swimming down the rapids with the help of fins and a large float). All activities are led by an experienced and professional river guide and most are suitable for children.

Note that during the summer months white water activities are only available on certain days of the week so check before you travel.

For a more relaxing day the Lac de Sainte Croix offers a more sedate way of exploring the Gorges. you can hire pedalos or kayaks to meander your own way up the Gorges from the lake end, it is a really awe inspiring sight looking up at the cliffs from the waters below.

If you are looking for a really challenging way of exploring the Gorges then you can try the Sentier Martel, a long walk along the banks of the river through the Gorges itself. You can pick up a walking map from any of the tourist offices in the area.

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