Best Time to Visit France

When is the best time to visit France? The country offers the perfect climate to visit in the Spring, Summer and Fall. A spring in France provides gives picturesque green hills with pretty flowers and calm weather. April showers occur on occasion, but it is nothing an umbrella cannot handle. Spring and summer are especially lovely because of the beauty that these seasons bestow upon the French countryside, however, the Fall months make travel and site seeing very doable - even with the occasional drizzle and chillier conditions in the evenings as the end of the Fall draws in.

Provence enjoys a pleasant, Mediterranean climate. On average, Provence gets 300 days of sunshine each year, with warm but mild temperatures. Summer is high season here, with August bringing the hottest weather and the biggest crowds. Spring is a great time of year, the weather is warm, with temperatures swaying between 16 and 20°C, and the crowds are small. If you want to see lavender fields then it would be best to visit the region in June. In October the weather starts to cool.

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Climate guide for France

Destination Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Bordeaux and the Dordogne 40°F 1mm 45°F 4mm 50°F 8mm 53°F 20mm 57°F 24mm 67°F 32mm 74°F 15mm 70°F 28mm 65°F 16mm 59°F 30mm 47°F 74mm 46°F 50mm
Burgundy 70°F 8mm 71°F 13mm 68°F 4mm 64°F 25mm 60°F 7mm 56°F 10mm 56°F 6mm 56°F 2mm 62°F 20mm 62°F 53mm 66°F 1mm 68°F 8mm
Chamonix 29°F 63mm 23°F 79mm 31°F 54mm 45°F 1mm 46°F 46mm 59°F 1mm 65°F 10mm 70°F 8mm 58°F 0mm 43°F 0mm 35°F 20mm 33°F 21mm
Loire Valley 22°F 65mm 26°F 69mm 32°F 68mm 44°F 83mm 54°F 101mm 65°F 106mm 74°F 74mm 71°F 54mm 64°F 36mm 53°F 141mm 35°F 39mm 32°F 81mm
Lyon and Beaujolais 13°F 221mm 17°F 75mm 27°F 53mm 41°F 112mm 53°F 65mm 64°F 0mm 74°F 0mm 68°F 0mm 60°F 0mm 49°F 0mm 30°F 0mm 25°F 0mm
Megève 26°F 173mm 35°F 88mm 39°F 260mm 45°F 160mm 48°F 196mm 63°F 103mm 66°F 115mm 64°F 106mm 58°F 57mm 50°F 277mm 37°F 237mm 35°F 510mm
Meribel 29°F 59mm 38°F 67mm 44°F 87mm 50°F 69mm 53°F 117mm 68°F 87mm 70°F 94mm 67°F 99mm 60°F 46mm 53°F 248mm 40°F 315mm 37°F 295mm
Monaco 46°F 0mm 51°F 0mm 55°F 0mm 57°F 25mm 61°F 0mm 74°F 0mm 79°F 0mm 79°F 0mm 73°F 0mm 66°F 0mm 55°F 8mm 53°F 8mm
Normandy 31°F 79mm 35°F 95mm 42°F 145mm 58°F 169mm 68°F 206mm 75°F 131mm 81°F 150mm 78°F 162mm 77°F 40mm 57°F 97mm 42°F 91mm 40°F 46mm
Paris 40°F 42mm 46°F 31mm 50°F 34mm 54°F 17mm 57°F 122mm 68°F 52mm 73°F 14mm 70°F 79mm 63°F 31mm 56°F 67mm 47°F 72mm 45°F 82mm
South of France 44°F 128mm 51°F 127mm 53°F 82mm 64°F 83mm 74°F 52mm 76°F 113mm 80°F 35mm 79°F 44mm 78°F 12mm 67°F 116mm 50°F 83mm 49°F 124mm
Tignes 26°F 60mm 35°F 39mm 40°F 162mm 48°F 143mm 51°F 161mm 65°F 99mm 69°F 127mm 66°F 102mm 60°F 50mm 52°F 290mm 39°F 307mm 36°F 330mm
Val d`Isère 25°F 60mm 35°F 39mm 39°F 171mm 47°F 153mm 51°F 167mm 65°F 105mm 68°F 132mm 66°F 106mm 59°F 51mm 52°F 307mm 38°F 315mm 36°F 350mm
Val Thorens 30°F 59mm 38°F 78mm 44°F 89mm 51°F 85mm 54°F 124mm 68°F 103mm 69°F 100mm 65°F 108mm 59°F 48mm 52°F 291mm 39°F 343mm 36°F 337mm
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