Dymond Lake Lodge

For a once-in-a-lifetime encounter with majestic polar bears, stay at Dymond Lake Lodge. This remote wilderness lodge offers intimate experiences a with these incredible creatures in Manitoba's pristine bear territory.

Dymond Lake, Manitoba, Canada
Dymond Lake Lodge
  • Intimate remote lodge experience in the heart of polar bear territory

  • Embark on the Great Ice Bear adventure where you can view polar bears as they begin their annual seal hunt

  • Admire the spectacular northern lights from the comfort of the lodge

  • It's not just polar bears, view caribou, arctic foxes, arctic hares, wolves and moose as well as snowy owls

Dymond Lake Lodge is a remote fly-in eco-lodge in the very heart of polar bear country. Offering an incredible bear viewing experience, Dymond Lake is one of the world's most unique lodges and provides visitors with up close encounters of a great number of wildlife including polar bears, moose, seals, Arctic and red fox, Arctic hare, wolves and a number of fascinating bird species.

The Great Bear Ice Adventure operates between October and November and is an incredible adventure including daily walking safaris and tundra buggy experiences. These months are arguably the most spectacular to visit, as the polar bears congregate in large numbers on the shores of Hudson Bay as they wait for the water to freeze up for their annual seal hunt. There is plenty of snow on the ground, and seeing the bears amongst this beautiful landscape is a real treat.

Your time at the lodge is mostly spent out on wildlife viewing excursions and these are mostly done on foot, to avoid any impact on the sensitive ecozystem where the lodge is located. There will also be a day spent in Churchill on a tundra buggy with very few people, so the experience is extremely personal and can be customized.

In the evenings, you can gather round the fireplace to discuss the days activities and share stories of what you have seen and experienced. After a delicious, homemade and hearty dinner, retreat to your cozy guest room for a restful nights sleep, ready for the next days adventure.

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Dymond Lake, Manitoba, Canada

Dymond Lake Ecolodge is located on the edge of Dymond Lake, amidst the natural habitat of many Arctic animals

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