Best Time to Visit Canada

Canada is best visited in the summer or the winter, depending on the purpose of your trip. Unless you’re traveling to ski, the summer and fall months give sunny days and pleasant temperatures, making it the best time to head north. Despite its vast size, Canada’s weather patterns are similar across the entire country and largely mimics that of Europe. With most diverse habitats, you can expect temperate coastal regions and snowy mountain peaks, but you will generally find warm temperatures in the summer and cold temperatures in the winter.

June through October should be considered the summer travel season, with weather and crowds peaking July through September. To beat the crowds, consider traveling in June or October but speak with your trusted Scott Dunn expert to ensure you have proper expectations for each season. January through March is reserved for skiing but comes with very cold temperatures.

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Climate guide for Canada

Destination Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Alberta 20°F 13mm -3°F 15mm 27°F 5mm 42°F 4mm 53°F 17mm 59°F 118mm 62°F 162mm 60°F 52mm 53°F 25mm 38°F 22mm 27°F 26mm 19°F 10mm
Manitoba 3°F 15mm 0°F 15mm 22°F 2mm 41°F 24mm 52°F 37mm 66°F 27mm 71°F 111mm 67°F 62mm 57°F 154mm 39°F 70mm 24°F 16mm 12°F 6mm
Ontario 22°F 65mm 27°F 68mm 32°F 68mm 44°F 83mm 53°F 101mm 65°F 106mm 73°F 74mm 71°F 54mm 65°F 36mm 53°F 141mm 36°F 39mm 33°F 81mm
Quebec 10°F 37mm 13°F 68mm 24°F 121mm 37°F 217mm 50°F 11mm 61°F 0mm 71°F 0mm 66°F 3mm 56°F 0mm 46°F 0mm 28°F 0mm 21°F 0mm
Whistler and Ski British Columbia 30°F 157mm 20°F 41mm 33°F 22mm 42°F 61mm 56°F 19mm 58°F 24mm 60°F 64mm 62°F 0mm 53°F 0mm 40°F 69mm 35°F 78mm 31°F 120mm
Yukon 6°F 21mm 1°F 9mm 29°F 0mm 36°F 8mm 51°F 16mm 56°F 54mm 62°F 37mm 55°F 42mm 50°F 6mm 32°F 32mm 24°F 15mm 16°F 10mm
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