Looking For Your Dream Job?

Scott Dunn USA are hiring! Getting to paid travel the world to the most spectacular locations? Check. An office in a beautiful, sunny location just minutes from the beach? Check. Beer and wine social hour every Friday? Check. Opportunities to get involved in the community through activities like charity runs and beach cleanup days? Check. Colleagues who are more friends than coworkers? Check. We think working at Scott Dunn ticks all the boxes for what makes a job great. So, get ready to have a swoon worthy Instagram account that would rival any travel blogger’s, because you may have found your dream job. As if you needed any other reasons to want to work at Scott Dunn, these are some of our Solana Beach team member’s top reasons (in no specific order of course) …


“We not only get to talk about travel all day but get to visit the places we’re talking about. There aren’t many ways you can travel the world, staying in the most beautiful places and doing the most exciting things for free.” – Louise, Asia Travel Expert

“Scott Dunn is a great place to work, as I can further explore parts of the world that I love, as part of my job!” – Lou, Asia Travel Expert


“We are all like-minded people with a passion for world exploration so even after a difficult or challenging day you have friends here that understand what you’re going through, and in most cases know the perfect way to make you laugh to ease your stress.” – Meg, Africa Expert

“I love working with adventurous people that share my passion to explore our beautiful planet!” – Cammie, Europe Expert

“I like working at Scott Dunn because I am surrounded by people who not only want to share their passion for the world but change the way people see it.” – Kelly, Africa Expert

“Scott Dunn is a great place work because of the fun and lively people here. Not only do we enjoying working as a team, we also socialize outside of work.”- Chloe, Operations Manager

Making Magic for Guests

“Travel has positively impacted all of us in one way or another. Working at Scott Dunn allows us to create those life changing moments and memories for others. And what can be better than that?” –Lyndsey, Africa Travel Expert

“Knowing what a big difference a great trip can make to a person’s life and that we can help make that happen is very special.” – Louise, Europe Expert

“I love working at Scott Dunn because I am inspired again and again by the incredible and unique trips we are able to offer our guests!” – Alison, Latin Expert

“I love working with people: the fact that my job involves working with travelers and suppliers from all around the world on a daily basis brings me a lot of satisfaction. I also love thinking outside the box of how I can make someone’s vacation extra special with lots of little touches and seamless logistics and exquisite service.” – Victoria, Sales and Service Manager

Room to grow

“Scott Dunn takes a personal interest in our career progression, always helping to improve our skills and get better at our job.” – Bella, Marketing Manager

“If you have a wish to travel around the world for the first time or more, it’s a dream job. As a place to work, it’s a fun, vibrant, positive environment. It’s also a growing global business, so there’s tons of room for advancement.” – John, President, Scott Dunn USA

“Scott Dunn is a good place to work thanks to its global presence; whether it’s working on the banks of the Thames in London, a short walk from the beaches of Southern California or in one of Asia’s fastest paced metropolis’; there’s many incredible opportunities to explore.” – Annie, Africa Expert


“Working with fun vibrant people with interesting experiences, there’s never a dull moment.” – Ed, Finance

“It’s 5-minute walk to the beach for a surf at lunch!” – Jack, Asia Expert

“Free coffee” (and coworkers that have a wonderfully dry sense of humor, like Ali) – Ali, Latin Travel Expert