Visit Prince Christian Sound, Southeast Greenland


Sailing into the majestic Prince Christian Sound is a spellbindingly memorable experience, a vast channel of towering mountains, calving glaciers and iceberg-strewn waters.

Today brings you to the extraordinary grandeur of the Prince Christian Sound, the renowned channel that connects the Labrador Sea to the Irminger Sea. At its narrowest it is just 500 meters wide but stretches out over 60 miles, while the sharp mountains that surround it make an imposing sight, soaring up over 2,000 meters high. Sparkling glaciers line the route, plunging into the icy waters of the sound and calving into icebergs with an almighty crack. As you cruise slowly through the sound, numerous photo opportunities present themselves and if the conditions allow you could get even closer to the glacier of the Kangersuneq Qinngorleq fjord as you take a Zodiac and kayak to its base. Continuing south, you pass Appilatoq, a small settlement surrounded by mesmerising jagged peaks that rise up around it, offering yet more opportunities for exceptional photos.

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