Visit Hopedale to discover more about the Moravian Missionaries


Today offers a chance to learn more about Newfoundland’s missionary history as you explore the legacy of the Moravian missionaries in Hopedale, legislative capital of Nunatsiavut.

Originally known as Arvertok, the Inuktitut name meaning ‘the place of whales’, Hopevale lies at the heart of Nunatsiavut and was renamed by the Moravian missionaries on their arrival from Germany in 1782. As you walk around the town you’ll see the buildings and artifacts that remain from this period, and the town boasts some of Canada’s oldest wooden-framed structures. The Nunatsiavut Assembly Building offers a chance to discover the uses of local labradorite and seal skin materials while the Moravian Mission Museum Interpretation Center holds a mass of artifacts and written materials that date back as far as the late 1700s.

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