How to book

We've made sure the process of booking your vacation with us is as easy and straightforward as possible.

  1. Confirming your booking Once you've decided to book your vacation, please read the Important Information and Booking Conditions. If we're booking flights as part of your itinerary, then full passport details are essential as we need these to confirm all air tickets. Your travel consultant will inform you of the deposit required to secure the vacation. Payment can be made by bank transfer, debit card or credit card.

  2. We'll acknowledge your payment and book your vacation Subject to availability and receipt of all applicable payments, we'll book your arrangements, process the payment (full balance payment if booking within three calendar months of departure) and send a receipt confirmation. Once we've processed your initial payment, a contract between us will come into existence. If, for whatever reason, we're unable to book your vacation exactly as quoted (due to availability or other issues), we'll discuss other options and provide a revised quote. If we're unable to provide a suitable alternative, your initial payment will be refunded in full.

  3. Confirmation invoice Once all elements of your booking have been confirmed, we'll issue a confirmation invoice detailing all aspects of your vacation, including the itinerary, passenger details, outstanding balance and due date for the final payment. Once your confirmation invoice has been issued you may not able to make any changes without potentially incurring additional charges.

  4. Final balance payment Three calendar months before your vacation departs, the final balance is due. Payment can be made by way of bank transfer or debit card. Credit cards are accepted for final balances but a charge of 2-3% (depending on the card type) will be added to the invoice to cover the charges levied by credit card companies. We choose not to build this charge into our prices, as the majority of our guests pay by bank transfer or debit card and we believe that it would be unfair to indirectly charge them a levy.

  5. Final travel documents Approximately 2-4 weeks before you travel, your final documents will be sent to the address on your booking form, unless otherwise discussed. For bookings made within two weeks of departure or with a non-US address we'll email written confirmation along with the relevant travel documents.

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