Best Time to Visit Sweden

A trip to Swedish Lapland between November and March will allow you to make the most of your chances of catching the Northern Lights. And of course there will be snow on the ground too making husky sledding, snow-shoeing and snowmobiling all possible. For Summer activities July-September is the best time to visit.

Climate guide for Sweden

Destination Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Gothenburg and Western Sweden 0°C 46mm 4°C 107mm 5°C 137mm 9°C 0mm 10°C 28mm 18°C 46mm 19°C 39mm 18°C 143mm 14°C 147mm 9°C 92mm 5°C 67mm 5°C 137mm
Stockholm and Eastern Sweden -2°C 48mm 2°C 56mm 3°C 71mm 7°C 5mm 11°C 65mm 18°C 44mm 18°C 86mm 18°C 133mm 13°C 73mm 7°C 68mm 4°C 75mm 3°C 87mm
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