Get lost in the discovery of the deepest roots and traditions of Seville first-hand. An immersive introduction to the multicultural identity of Seville, visiting the most outstanding places in Seville: The Cathedral of Santa María, The famous ‘Patio de los Naranjos’ (Orange trees Yard) the Giralda Tower, and the Real Alcázar (Royal Palace). Finally, the nearby neighbourhood of Santa Cruz, which housed the Jewish Quarter, which still maintains a distinctive lifestyle in its labyrinth of corridors, peaceful plazas, and flowery courtyards. After that monumental visit, you are free to explore Seville on your own and have lunch at leisure. 

Later, in the afternoon, your guide will extend the stroll to a special insight into how Seville is for the Sevillians and discover how the Sevillians live in their city. You will come across various convents and churches hidden between the narrow alleys and corners, normally out of reach by the day-to-day visitor. You will have the chance to taste some typical sweet delicacies hand-made by the nuns of the convents; as well as the opportunity to understand why the inhabitants are so devoted, just by walking through these hidden areas. Take in the beauty of hidden Seville by getting close to their gorgeous patios - the Sevillian has learned to create real-life orchards inside their homes. Adorned to the most intimate detail, the beautiful aromas of their patios reflect the aristocratic and upper-class taste of an elegant city.  

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