Best Time to Visit New Zealand

One of the best things about New Zealand is that it’s a country which lends itself to travel throughout the year. The climate in New Zealand is incredibly pleasant, with warm and balmy summers and cold crisp winter months with wonderful clear, blue skies.

The warmer high-season months of November to April are perfect for outdoor exploration. The colder months of June to August are the best time to ski or settle down with a glass of pinot noir in front of a roaring log fire after a day’s adventure. Both North and South Islands are drier on the east coast, rather than on the west, where mountain ranges act as a trap for the moisture-rich winds from the Tasman Sea. It is also worth remembering that it is usually a few degrees cooler on the South Island than the North Island and as New Zealand has a maritime climate, the weather can change rapidly. If you’re undecided on when to travel, have a chat with one of our specialists who can discuss the different options and ensure you’re visiting at a time that works best for your holiday requirements.

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Climate guide for New Zealand

Destination Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Bay of Islands -12°C 0mm -9°C 0mm -4°C 0mm 3°C 0mm 8°C 0mm 15°C 0mm 20°C 0mm 19°C 0mm 15°C 0mm 9°C 0mm -1°C 0mm -3°C 0mm
Central North Island 5°C 59mm 0°C 71mm 6°C 46mm 10°C 83mm 14°C 29mm 15°C 24mm 18°C 6mm 18°C 5mm 15°C 7mm 8°C 0mm 5°C 0mm 5°C 51mm
Fiordland 15°C 93mm 15°C 42mm 15°C 25mm 10°C 72mm 10°C 86mm 7°C 49mm 7°C 59mm 7°C 116mm 8°C 71mm 9°C 104mm 13°C 64mm 13°C 104mm
Hawkes Bay -8°C 59mm -11°C 33mm -7°C 17mm 0°C 0mm 3°C 16mm 7°C 38mm 11°C 0mm 15°C 0mm 10°C 0mm 6°C 0mm 1°C 0mm -4°C 0mm
Marlborough and Nelson 21°C 5mm 19°C 3mm 18°C 74mm 14°C 40mm 12°C 95mm 8°C 31mm 9°C 152mm 9°C 65mm 11°C 85mm 13°C 72mm 15°C 66mm 17°C 146mm
Wellington and the Wairarapa 19°C 21mm 18°C 17mm 18°C 13mm 14°C 91mm 14°C 12mm 10°C 42mm 11°C 58mm 10°C 57mm 11°C 22mm 12°C 69mm 16°C 8mm 16°C 38mm
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