Eco Hotels in Latin America

Home to some of the most unique eco-systems on the planet and a handful of the world's last true wildernesses, Latin America is a paradise for nature enthusiasts. With this in mind, we've handpicked a selection of luxury resorts that unanimously champion eco-tourism, leaving no stone unturned when it comes to going green.

Eco Hotels in Latin America

Destination focus: Peru

Deforestation is one of the biggest threats to wildlife and indigenous communities in Peru so the government has taken steps to protect the fragile rainforest eco-systems. By setting aside huge areas of rainforest in the form of national park reserves, the government has reduced the number of groups that can enter the park in order to reduce the human impact on the environment.

EcoCamp Patagonia, Chile
EcoCamp Patagonia, Chile

This award-winning eco-hotel is an industry leader in sustainable lodging. Whilst the dome concept is now popular amongst aficionados of the great outdoors across the globe, EcoCamp Patagonia was actually the first of its kind, inspired by the ancient dwellings of the region’s Kaweskar tribe. The camp boasts a privileged location in the heart of the park. Choose from multi-sport adventures, some of the region’s most famous and outstanding hikes or wildlife safaris – EcoCamp Patagonia has an impressive array of activities and programmes on offer, guaranteed to satisfy even the most adventurous traveller.

Aerial View of Cristalino Lodge
Cristalino Lodge, Brazil

Water is heated by solar panels, biodegradable cleaning products are used and the changing of bedding and towels is reduced where possible. With its very own foundation, which aims to educate the local community about the importance of rainforest habitats as well as investing in research methods for preserving the forest, Cristalino is actively making positive change in the local area.

Cookery school at Finca Adalgisa
Finca Adalgisa, Argentina

A unique irrigation system is in place at the Finca which allows them to produce organic wine. Thanks to a sophisticated irrigation system which captures water run off directly from the Andes, and food grown in the garden too, the hotel enjoys nearly zero air miles. Guests also can also join in with the wine making process and enjoy watching traditional farming methods. On top of this, the hotel is part of the Viña de la Solidaridad partnership, ensuring that small vineyard workers are paid a fair price for their harvest.

Diving in the Galapagos Islands
Finch Bay, The Galapagos

Situated on Santa Cruz, Finch Bay is an unequivocally eco-resort in the Galapagos. As the only hotel in Puerto Ayora with its own water treatment plant, rainwater can be purified and subsequently reused at the hotel. With seemingly endless energy saving measures in place, such as solar panels, LED light bulbs and movement sensors alongside mangrove re-population and refillable water bottles and an organic garden, Finch Bay has got all bases covered when it comes to eco. Even down to the shampoo, products are environmentally friendly. Guests can get involved with the daily clearing of the public beach to get involved with the conservation efforts underway.

Inkaterra Machu Picchu, Peru
Inkaterra Machu Picchu, Peru

The sustainability policy of the hotel is founded on a respect of authentic cultural, social and environmental values, with a deep-rooted commitment to leaving a positive impact on the surrounding eco-systems and local communities. Since 1975, the hotel has pioneered eco-tourism in Peru, adopting a holistic approach to add value in rural areas, encouraging scientific research and contributing to the growth of local communities.

Los Potreros, Argentina
Los Potreros, Argentina

For the masterminds behind Los Potreros, responsible tourism and sustainable farming have always been part of the woodwork. The majority energy source is renewable, predominantly wind and solar, whilst all farming is undertaken with a farm to table ethos. At the resort, there is a zero-food waste policy; wine bottles are transported back to the winery where they are filled again with the hotel’s own wine and the hotel aims to plant up to 200 new trees a year.

Hummingbird, Ecuador
Mashpi Lodge, Ecuador

Mashpi Lodge is redefining the forest in Ecuador. Primarily a hotel, secondarily a research centre and a base for exploration and discovery at the vanguard of rainforest protection. On site biologists get behind science and investigation projects, interacting on a daily basis with the diverse eco-system of the lodge’s locale. These research projects are crucial to enriching the lodge’s understanding of its surroundings, putting a huge emphasis on the importance of research when it comes to protecting and nurturing the environment. Above all though is their mission to safeguard the rainforest from further deforestation.

Pacuare Lodge Costa Rica
Pacuare Lodge, Costa Rica

Upon arrival at Pacuare Lodge, all guests are given a water bottle which reinforces Pacuare’s aim to minimise plastic waste from the resort and can be refilled at refillable tanks on site. Electricity is only available at certain times of the day, allowing guests to enjoy the forest by candlelight and minimising the hotel’s impact on wildlife. Alongside this, the lodge is committed to reintroducing howler monkeys into the area.

Tierra Atacama, Chile
Tierra Atacama, Chile

Tierra Atacama is the only hotel in Chile to be 100% solar powered thanks to the installation of solar panels across the resort. Rainwater is stored in a well onsite which is then purified, organic waste is fed to livestock or made into compost and the hotel is furnished with locally sourced materials. For all Tierra Hotels, the goal has always been to provide the best guest experience with minimal disruption to the atmosphere, land, wildlife and local culture.

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