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Our experts have explored Jordan extensively, not only understanding the best routes to suit you but understand more about the terrain, weather and sites so can best equip you before you travel. Our Jordan Guide delves deeper into explaining the history and culture, cuisine and cultural practices amongst other explanations, allowing you to arrive feeling like you already understand the intricacies of the country. For those who have been to Jordan before or who would like to get off the beaten track then our experts will tailor a unique trip to suit you.

The ‘Oman and Jordan Explained’ guide highlights the intricate details and differences of these countries and reiterates why they are fantastic to combine on a Middle Eastern tour.

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Our guide to Jordan

In Jordan, history and spectacular scenery take centre stage. Eons of civilisation laid claim to the country’s arid deserts, fragile ecosystems and ancient cities long before the country was even etched onto a map. Since then, waves of invasion have woven the rich heritage of Jordan, all leaving their perennial mark on its cuisine, traditions and architecture.

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