On this half day tour you will visit the Thirumalai Nayak Palace, founded in the 17th century, and its beautifully preserved collanade. Thirumalai, the most powerful of the Nayaks, who reigned from 1627 to 1659, was a great builder and this is an amazing example of his work. You will also visit the very lively temple of Meenakshi Sundareshvara which is ranked amongst the greatest temples in India. Of all the temples of the South, this is the most extraordinary, with its architecture and the astonishing baroque profusion of sculptures that adorn its gopurams as the life of the city converges on this Vijayanagar style sanctuary, rebuilt in the 17th century by King Tirumalai-Nayak. You will also have an opportunity to visit Flower Market.

Please note that there are dress codes when entering the temples. Men should wear; Dhothi and shirt, pyjama and Kurtha or long trousers. Women should wear; Saree and blouse, Salwar with Shawl, Daavani (half Saree), long trousers/skirts, shirts with full sleeves. Note that jeans, leggings, short skirts/shorts, petticoats, sleeveless shirts and t-shirts are strictly prohibited.

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