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Home to hundreds of castles, the Rhine river, the lush Black Forest, the jagged Alps, magical Christmas markets and the great cities of Berlin, Munich and Hamburg, Germany is a diverse and vibrant nation of both heritage and contemporary interests. Known for its efficiency, Germany unravels layers of histories through the Imperial Germany, the World War II and the Reunification of the Berlin Republic. Let our travel specialists put together a tailor made Germany tour, created just for you.


Further north, the cities of Berlin and Hamburg offer an altogether different feel from the Baroque Bavarian of the south. In Hamburg, which is Germany’s second largest city and port town almost has a Dutch, Scandinavian feel to it. Home to some of Germany’s biggest newspapers and multinationals, it has a sizzling restaurant and art scene. Berlin, the country’s capital and largest city famous for its 1990 reunification, explodes with vibrancy and colour. Unlayer the rich history, visiting the numerous museums, memorials dedicated to victims of the Holocaust or simply walk to Brandenburg Gate, Berlin’s most famous landmark.


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