Frankfurt is well known worldwide as a major financial hub. It’s a large and busy city on the river Main. Although it’s perhaps not as visited by tourists as Berlin, Munich, or even Hamburg, Frankfurt has an interesting history, a picturesque old town, and plenty to see and do.


Frankfurt is a city full of contrasts. Tall, avant-garde skyscrapers and bank buildings stand check by jowl with historic buildings. As well as being an important business city, Frankfurt is home to many museums, galleries, and theatres, and was the birthplace of Germany’s most famous author Goethe.

Many visitors to Europe might arrive in Frankfurt and move straight on, but, if you have time it’s well worth a stop to discover the attractions of this vibrant and welcoming city. If you have more than a night or two, some of Germany’s cultural and natural highlights are close by too, as you can visit the ancient university town of Heidelberg less than an hour away, and it’s only a little further to visit the Black Forest.

Frankfurt is relatively close to the French border, the vineyards of Alsace and the mediaeval city of Strasburg.


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