Experiential travel

What do we mean by 'experiential' travel? We mean immersive, adventurous and authentic. A journey that gets you beneath the skin of a culture to experience life as a local. That could mean thrifting with a fashion designer in Milan or dining with a food blogger in Cape Town. In a work hard, play hard world, we design trips that challenge your perspective to encourage you to rethink your relationship with people and places. In a nutshell, it's personal.

Travel is by its very nature 'experiential' but many of us now seek experiences that connect us to cultures and people in a more meaningful and enriching way. If you find yourself hankering for a more fulfilling travel experience, one that reinforces the things that make life worth living and is aligned to your personal values, you're not alone.

An experiential trip can take many forms, from a conservation safari in South Africa that sees you tagging endangered black rhino in the company of specialist rangers to the simple pleasure of stomping grapes during the harvest season in Tuscany. Find inner calm amid the tranquility of a Himalayan spiritual retreat; saddle up with gauchos in Argentina; or explore your own 'back yard' in one of North America's incredible national parks.

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Active travel

If you're anything like us, getting soaked to the skin on a white water rafting trip down the Zambezi or thundering across the Argentine Pampas on horseback will be your idea of heaven. How about running the Safaricom Marathon alongside rhino and giraffe through one of the world's most beautiful wildlife havens, crewing your own yacht on an island hopping jaunt in the Agean, or exploring a glacial cave in Iceland? If that sounds like heart-thumping good fun, do we have some ideas for you...

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Learning experiences

Have you ever dreamed of escaping the city life to try your hand at being a wrangler on an Australian cattle ranch? Or perhaps you're a food-lover hell bent on mastering the art of making pasta in Italy, or you'd love to dive with whale sharks in the company of marine biologists in Ecuador? Adding a learning element to your wider trip is a great way to discover your dream destination in a much deeper, more rewarding way.

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Wildlife holidays

Not many experiences rival the thrill of seeing life in the raw. From humbling encounters with wild mountain gorillas as they tend their young, mirroring our own lives in so many ways, in the forests of Uganda and Rwanda. The sight of predator and prey bound together in the constant struggle for survival on the plains of the Masaai Mara. Witnessing unique behaviours and marvelling at the sheer unbridled diversity of the Amazonian rain forest. A wildlife holiday is at once exhilarating and poignant; a journey that will open your eyes, warm your heart and create memories to last a lifetime.

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