Places to Visit in Uruguay

A small Country by South American standards Uruguay boasts an unspoiled coastline of pristine wild beaches and the remains of centuries-old colonial fortresses are scattered around the Country. The UNESCO World Heritage-listed Colonia del Sacramento is a fascinating place to visit in Uruguay, a charming river port with cobbled streets, superb architecture and a beguiling mixture of Portuguese and Uruguayan influences.

Places to visit

If you are looking for a beach vacation in Uruguay then you’ll be heading for Punta del Este or Jose Ignacio which are home to some outstanding resorts and hotels in Uruguay. Other Uruguay vacation destinations include the capital city of Montevideo and the riverside town of Carmelo, a perfect base for vineyard tours or cycling and horse riding tours of the Uruguayan countryside. Find out about more things to do in Uruguay and also check the best time to visit Uruguay to start planning your trip. Contact us and a member of our Uruguay travel team can talk you through our Uruguay itineraries as a starting point for choosing the right places to stay in Uruguay for your group.

Map featuring best places to visit in Uruguay

Places on the map

  • Montevideo and the interior Uruguay
  • Punta del Este and Jose Ignacio Uruguay
  • Colonia and Carmelo Uruguay
  • Montevideo Uruguay
  • Carmelo Uruguay
  • Jose Ignacio Uruguay
  • Punta del Este Uruguay
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