The Tarangire provides a fantastic launch-pad at the beginning of a safari in Tanzania's famous north. Less well known than the neighboring Serengeti, this park is home to an incredible volume of migrant wildlife. Buffalo herds in their hundreds and big breeding groups of elephant move between the Sllale Swamp and the Tarangire River, the plains game is diverse and the habitat provides a great range of environments for a healthy predator population. The birdlife is also incredible with 550 species having been recorded in the park.

This area really only works as a safari area in the dry season, camps in the park only open for the season in June, and close when the rains return. The water of the swamps and rivers of the Tarangire suck wildlife in from the arid surrounding areas. Approximately 250,000 animals move into the park during these dry months, and the diversity is incredible.

The Tarangire gives visitors a raw safari experience, easy to get to but notably unpopulated by tourists. This is a place to view dramatic wildlife interaction in a natural and undisturbed wilderness area.

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