The diverse habitats of Ruaha make it home to a wide variety of wildlife, including plentiful plains game which in turn provide fodder for the big cats here. Cheetah aren't found in the nearby Selous Game Reserve, so heading to Ruaha on safari will give you the chance of seeing these incredible hunters in action. With only a handful of safari camps in the park, it's rare to see another vehicle on a game drive, which really adds to the sense of adventure and reward. There really is an abundance of predators, and in particular a very healthy lion population. It is not uncommon to see a pride of twenty lions or more. Large male lions with magnificent manes are regularly sighted and the rugged terrain means that leopards are particularly drawn to this area too. There are also wild dog and cheetah in the park although these are always more of a challenge to spot as they roam much wider areas. Hyena and Jackals are also present and you will often hear them after dark as they are frequent camp visitors.

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