Kanneliya Rainforest Trek

Kanneliya Rainforest Reserve, Sri Lanka

One of Sri Lanka's hidden secrets, Kanneliya Rainforest Reserve is an enchanting forest reserve which is home to some incredible wildlife. Within the thick canopy, explore this wild and undisturbed scenery, accompanied by your wildlife tracker.

Today head to Kanneliya, found just 35km inland from Galle. This lesser know reserve is so diverse, filled with everything from monkeys to chameleons. There are 26 different endemic bird species in Sri Lanka, and 20 of them can be found here.

Your wildlife tracker today will guide you around this generally flat terrain, teaching you about the flora and fauna that inhabit the forest. Perfect for families, you will walk around the forest spotting the different animals as you go. Pause for a drink and a piece of cake, your backdrop a beautiful cascading waterfall.

Walk on to finish with lunch served by the edge of a serene lake, a perfect end to an adventure through Kanneliya.

Please note, this experience usually departs from Galle at around 8am, before the heat of the day. The tour lasts 5-hours including driving times (around 1-hour 30-minutes each way).

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