Search for leopard in the Sabi Sands

Greater Kruger, South Africa

The Sabi Sands is widely regarded as one of the most rewarding regions for spotting leopard in Africa. With good populations and the ability to go on night game-drives which coincides when these big cats are most active, all you need is good timing!

Leopard are one of the most sought after of the big cats, and understandably so. These fearsome predators are majestic and elegant. However, as they are most active at night, they often seek out quiet and hidden away spots during the daytime, making them harder to locate. In the Sabi Sands, there are good populations of leopard to be found, as they favour the riverine woodland habitats here, and have plentiful prey. The best time to see them is in the dusk and early evenings, on afternoon and night game-drives, so keep your wits about you and hope that timing and a bit of luck are on your side.

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