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Discover the natural beauty and old-world charm of Slovenia on a private, customized itinerary. Whether you want to explore the lake region or stroll the cobbled streets of Ljubljana, we can create the best luxury travel tour for you.


Home to green hills, emerald rivers, and stunning alpine landscape, a customized itinerary to Slovenia can take you hiking in the Julian Alps and then sailing on Lake Bled, or exploring historic castles set against eerie caves. Then, come back to the capital Ljubljana and discover this bustling city with old world charm and a lively café scene. Wedged delicately between Italy, Croatia, and Austria, you can easily combine one of these neighboring countries with your personalized Slovenia itinerary. Our specialists use their first-hand knowledge to build a private journey customized to the sights and activities that interest you most. Let our experts help create your dream trip to Slovenia.

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Plan your Slovenia trip today

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