Blue Penguins at Oamaru - Evening viewing Premium Entry - Shared

Oamaru, New Zealand

Home to more than 300 nesting pairs of Blue Penguins, Omaru penguin center is one of the best spots to watch the world’s smallest penguin species as they come ashore in the evening after a day’s fishing.

Blue Penguins, also known as the Little Blue Penguin or Fairy Penguin are the world’s smallest and measure up to 30cm in height. Living along the coastlines of New Zealand and Southern Australia, they pair up for life, taking it in turns to spend the day fishing, often traveling 25km before returning in the evening with food for their chicks and partner. Take a seat in Omaru’s premium stand and wait for the penguins as they waddle up the beach with the day’s catch of fish, crossing the grass directly in front of you in small groups and hurriedly make their way back to their families.

The time of your visit will depend on the season, and is likely to be between 5.30pm and 9pm, and last for one to two hours. As the temperatures can drop in the evening, we’d recommend bringing a blanket, warm jacket and a hat. Please note that photography can startle and disorientate the penguins and is not permitted.

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